An Odd Introduction


What’s shakin, bacon?

I know for a fact that just about no one is going to be reading this any time soon. This is practically a shout into the void, I’m talking to myself, and now this whole blog thing is starting to seem a bit silly. But you know what? I live for silly things. So I’m going to keep going.

I’m incredibly excited to be starting this new endeavor. I’ve needed some sort of creative outlet. I won’t lie, I’ve tried keeping journals before. I’m talking tons of journals. And almost every single time, they either end up lost OR I go months without writing in them… and then eventually end up using it as a sketchbook, or a place to shove things. Most of the time, though, they end up under my bed with five pages worth of notes and nothing else.

Granted, if this blog was a journal, then there’s a strong chance that it would end up under my bed, too.