Chat-tea [II]


Good morninnnng! (▰˘◡˘▰)
I’m back at it again with another Chat-tea! If you’re not a fan of reading long(ish) blog posts, then I’m sorry… but I’m about to ramble my butt off.

If you’re a fan of video games, then you probably know all about the fact that the entire Bioshock collection was just updated and re-released for newer consoles. If you don’t quite follow the whole video game shebang, then let me be the first to tell you that this was a freaking blessing.

All 3 Bioshock games have a significant role in my uprising as a video game goddess. (I’ll most likely make a whole separate blog post about what video games impacted my growing up.) My favorite is definitely the first, which I had for a short time on the PlayStation 3 before I traded it in towards another game that I desperately wanted at that time. (huge mistake.) At this point my PlayStation 3 is long gone, hopefully put to good use in someone else’s hands, and I now have the most beautiful white PS4 in the universe. It was the Destiny edition as well, and it meant a great deal to me that I got it. But, as soon as my PS3 left the building, so did my games – considering the PS4 has no backwards compatibility. What the hell, Sony? Eventually, my dad got sick of this as well and bought himself his very own PS3. Ever since then, I’ve been on the hunt for any Bioshock game I could get my hands on. I mainly wanted the first two since they were the golden ones of the bunch – Infinite was great, but you could essentially find it anywhere. The first two, though, were toughies. And for some reason I never bought them online – I guess I wanted the satisfaction of finding it at a store? Who knows.

Needless to say, all I’ve been doing for the passed couple of days is playing the hell out of the entire Bioshock collection. If anyone else was debating about getting the collection then I highly recommend you do, as the $60 price is completely worth it.The graphics are fantastic – especially on the first game. Just a tip, as well: having high quality headphones are definitely a plus when playing these games. It immerses you completely into both Rapture and Columbia with 360 sound (that’s what I call it at least) and you can hear literally everything that goes on around you.


Apart from the hype train of Bioshock, there’s something weird going on at my house. And I mean weird. First, let me give you some history on the dinosaur that is this home.

This was the first house to have ever been built in this town. This dated all the way back to the fifties, when this area was nothing more than a collection of trees and dirt. Don, the owner of this house and one of my distant relatives, had it built up from the ground himself and him and his family moved in after it was done. Soon, other houses started popping up and it created this entire neighborhood. What I’m trying to say is, this is a very, very, verrrry old house. It’s evident as well – for example, if I vacuum out in the living room, the chances of blowing a fuse are immensely high. And it’s just become a part of my family’s routine now – vacuum, fuse blows, flick three switches back to ‘on’, wait for the internet to come back, repeat.

After more houses started popping up in the area, Don moved out of this house and into the house directly across the street, giving this house to his son. A couple of months ago, Don Junior passed away and this house was left unoccupied and incredibly messy. (He was known for hoarding.) At this point in time, my family was getting sick of the apartment complex we were living in due to high levels of crime and the unbearable unsanitary-ness of the entire place. Don Senior immediately offered us this house and, with the low price and nice area, we gladly hopped on board. It took us 3 months to move in. That was all because of the amount of fixing up the place that it took. It was just the four of us as well – my parents, my sister, and me. To give you an idea of what it was like, we filled up an entire Cool Whip container with nails that we pulled from walls/ceilings/doors. Yes, doors. Despite the amount of stress my parents went through, I thought fixing up the house was the best part. It was full of history and stories untold and left me wondering what it was like for my great aunt to live here when she was my age.

Earlier this month, Don Senior passed away as well – leaving the house across the street empty and all four of us kind of a mess. We never gotten the chance to know him too well, but in his last couple of months we had him over for dinner very often and he was there to support me through my high school graduation. He was a strong old man and I think he was able to rest easy. However, after his passing is when things around this house really started.

There’s always been odd occurrences at home. The first time my sister was left alone in the house, she said she was making tea and left a spoon next to her cup. She turned to face a different direction, I don’t remember what for, and when she turned back to her tea her spoon was inside the cup. Part of me thinks she was just a paranoid mess being left alone in a new house and all, but my mum genuinely believes her. I guess part of me agrees with her as well.

The second time something happened, that I’m aware of, was when I had my friend Sean over. Him and I have sleepovers often and, when he sleeps, he tends to sprawl out like a starfish. So we alternate between who gets the couch or floor and who gets the bed. I opted for the couch that night and, throughout the entire duration of my adventure in the living room, there was a constant knocking all night. I still have no idea what it’s from but I never heard it again after that. I decided then that, okay, that could have been something.

The third thing was when my dad was praying in the kitchen after a vivid nightmare. (he does this often when he’s distressed in the middle of the night) In the midst of it all, he feels something brush up against his arm. It wasn’t just a tap, according to him – it felt like someone dragged their finger from this elbow up to his shoulder. In typical dad fashion, his immediate response was, “Really?”

The most recent thing that happened was just yesterday. I was working all day and only heard about it last night when my mum was recounting it all on the way home. Her and dad left to go grocery shopping, or do whatever mums and dads do whenever they leave the house, and on the way back they stopped and gave a homeless woman $50. She apparently cried and gave blessings over both of them, and then they kept on their venture home. When they got back, my sister was frantic. She claimed someone whispered her name along with creaking and, when she went to investigate the hall, one of our closet doors opened. (Which doesn’t happen without someone turning the doorknob and pulling. You know, how typical doors work.) Around the time this happened was around the time my parents helped that homeless woman.

Among all of this there’s been small things like growling and creaking of wood and other various spooky scary things, yet I’m still a bit skeptical. I consider myself in touch with my sixth sense, along with the daily practice of divination/the craft in general, and every once in a while I get the feeling someone’s here. For a while I saw the same image of an older man, that wasn’t either Don Sr. nor Don Jr., but that’s about the extent of what I’ve experienced.

Have you ever encountered something like this? And if so, what?

I’m nearing on almost 1500 words now, and I think in these paragraphs I’ve been able to get out everything I’ve needed to. If you’ve read this far then, well, thank you for dealing with my rambling. In this amount of time I’ve drank two cups of tea and have become really, really sleepy. 💤

I hope your day is lovely.

P.S. Go listen to Thick as Thieves by The Temper Trap.


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