ill rambles

super duper ill.jpg

So this will be a very short blog post – imagine that! I just wanted to do a quick little ramble, considering it’s been a while since the last post I uploaded.

Let’s do this.
As you can tell from the doodle above, and the titles, I’m currently ill.

Living in Florida has its ups and downs and all arounds, but one of the worst downs in my opinion is having to deal with a cold while the outside world is humid and anything but chilly. When getting sick back in Vermont, I was used to having the ability of bundling in blankets with a cup of tea and some soup. Here in Florida, though? It’s not the same situation – you try to bundle yourself in a blanket and you become a sticky sweaty mess within seconds. Even if the air conditioning is going in our house. Do I bundle in blankets and consume hot liquids anyways? You bet your sweet ass I do.

Despite having been ill for the passed couple of days, this most recent week has been very lovely and I’d like to share it with you. I’ll focus on two things then send you on your way – I swear. I promise I won’t endlessly ramble in this post. Pinky swear, even.

So at my most recent job [an amusement park], we had a variety of tasks that we were given on a daily basis. This changed weekly. Specifically, for me, I either work in merchandise or games. The location changed daily, so you’re never really bored when you’re working. Unless it was a slow day. Then it’s pretty killer, and not in the enjoyable way. (If the term ‘killer’ can be used in a way to describe something enjoyable… It can, can’t it? It’s like slammin’. Or wicked. You get the gist of things.)

In a small section of the park, there’s a game placed directly in front of a store right next to the exit of one of the popular roller coasters. I was working at the store one day when I realized that the large prizes at the game in front of me were freaking Pokemon. I knew right then and there that it was my destiny to get it. Two weeks later, this passed Monday, I achieved my goal and came home with a stuffed Bulbasaur. I’ve never been so satisfied.

Enjoy these photos of my son and I.

The other thing I accomplished this passed week, was that I got glasses! It’s been years since I went to the eye doctor – I finally decided that it was a good time for it when I noticed that I couldn’t read exit signs when driving on i4 at night.

It may not sound like a big deal getting a pair of glasses, but it was the first appointment I ever made/attended on my own, without having my mom to tell the professionals what was wrong with me. I was very, ridiculously proud of myself. I was also an anxious mess, but let’s not talk about that aspect. Bottom line – I did an adult thing and, as a result of it, I can finally see like a normal human being. Did you know that trees have leaves? I found that out today. It’s shocking.

It’s getting late and I’m very sleepy and very congested, and this is a very good stopping place. I hope your week was fun filled and action packed. May all of your stuffed Pokemon dreams come true.

This Benadryl is seriously starting to affect my mental state.
– kate.


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