A Week Back Home.

Guess who’s back again! (it’s me)intro-photo
I realize I’ve been AWOL for a while, and in the time I’ve been away from blogging so much has happened. However I suppose that’s a good thing, seeing as now I’m back to it with the strongest intent to keep up writing. I’ve been inspired beyond belief and I’m so incredibly happy to get back into the swing of things. With this being said, let me tell you about this passed week I’ve had.

Simply, I went back to Florida again for a short while.

Wow, look, it’s my knees again.

It all started on Thursday morning, the 2nd of Feb., where I left the cold abyss that is Michigan and made my way to Orlando. It was my first time flying on my own and, after a small dose of social anxiety, I was prepared to plunge my soul shoulder deep into the atmosphere.

I used Snapchat quite a bit while on this journey, so excuse the filters and weird editing on the photos.

Lots of people kept giving me strange glances as I sat at my gate waiting for the flight, probably due to the fact my backpack was covered in a mass amount of pins. Plus, here in Michigan, I stick out like a sore thumb – dressed from head to toe in black, with shiny red hair and a septum ring which makes me resemble a small bull. Oh well, what can ya do.

Ladies and gentlemen, this guy right here is the whole reason I went back to FL for a short while. My best friend, Princess Muscles, couldn’t stand to live without me and got on his hands and knees, begging to have me come back for a bit… this totally wasn’t the other way around, and I totally didn’t tear up a bit when I saw him at the airport waiting for me. Don’t tell him I’ve said any of this.

Anywho, I spent the entirety of the week with him and his family. I didn’t take a substantial amount of photos, mainly because I wanted to spend time with him and his family, but it was definitely a time worth noting. So here I am.

♥ (●´ω`●) ♥

Sean is currently in college, so during my visit he spent some of his time at school. One day I even got the opportunity to tag along, which was exciting considering how beautiful his campus is and how in love with the architecture I am.


The spider legs of FL Polytechnic

When he was home, though, we spent our time together watching shows and just enjoying each other’s company. Every night we watched Ugly Americans together before eventually passing out. It basically became a ritual.


The most fun thing I got to do, though, was explore Disneyworld and Busch Gardens all over again. I spent four days total hanging out at Disney parks (Epcot/Hollywood Studios/Magic Kingdom/Blizzard Beach) as well as spending an entire day up at Busch Gardens. It was my first time at Blizzard Beach, despite having lived in Florida for a couple of years/being a Disney fanatic since a young age. There wasn’t very many people there, and Sean and I literally walked onto Summit Plummet. 10 out of 10 would definitely go again.

I got to choose which Disney card I wanted, so of course I went with the Tower of Terror. Which is funny, considering we didn’t even ride it while I was there. That’s definitely on the list for next time. On a bright note, I found the opportunity to watch the Star Wars firework show from start to finish for the first time. Every time before that I either didn’t get to see the entire show or I didn’t have access to enter the park. However, Sean and I had to race from Epcot to Hollywood Studios to be able to see it. We bet on what time we would get there and of course, Sean won, and I ended up with a bloody foot from ripping open a scab with the laces of my shoes. Thank goodness for The Boardwalk providing a shortcut between the two parks, otherwise we definitely wouldn’t have made it.


Here’s another photo from when Princess Muscles took me to his campus with him, sitting in one of the comfiest chairs on the face of the Earth. My butt is so thankful it exists.

Amidst all of the grand things that happened, there was also the rapid change in temperature – going from 6 degree weather to 76 degree weather. This caused me to develop a cold and made me sniffly for the majority of the trip, but honestly, who cares if snot falls out of your nose every once in a while?

Thankfully, Batbear took the most care of me.
And then I got Sean sick. What a nice goodbye present, am I right?


And now I’m home.
Being back in Florida really threw me into a great mood, with a new mindset on certain things and more motivation than ever to get back down there on my own. The next time I’ll be back in the warmth of Orlando is in May, when I’ll be going to MegaCon for two damn days. The amount of excitement I already have is ridiculous.

Have you been on any vacations recently, or are you planning to go anywhere special this year? Let me know!

I’ll talk to you lot again soon, probably with another Chat-tea coming up. So keep your eyes open. ヽ(^◇^*)/

Almost forgot to mention this little Daruma guy I got! He’s such a cutie, and now I’m starting to realize I may be developing a problem with buying cute baubles…

Lots o’ love,


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