I could sit here and tell you about the simple things, like the color of my eyes or my favorite bands and foods and books and odds and ends. Instead, let’s get right to some of the nitty gritty.

  • I am definitely the worst person ever to share a handshake with.
  • I either point with two fingers or dramatically nod my head in the intended direction. It’ll look like my neck might break. Don’t panic.
  • Speaking of my neck, do not touch it.
  • Overall I’m quiet and get asked constantly if I’m sad due to that fact. However, I have a habit at laughing at nearly everything.
  • Yes, I’ll admit – I’m that one kid that bounces their leg to the point it induces an earthquake. My bad.
  • I’m a sneaky person, like a snek. (except when I’m carrying my car keys)
  • My main goal in life is to become a space pirate and sail through several nebulas, and to launch myself into a black hole.
  • Guillotines.
  • My spirit animal is a sea cucumber.
  • Majored in biting my lip in times of stress/not stress.
  • No matter what mood I’m in, I am always sleepy.
  • For other inquiries, don’t.

Oh, and my name is kate.